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Mary Ann - 12-1-2018 at 07:59

This is a list of cryptocurrencies and charts of currencies :cool: http://nr1a.com/cryptocurrency.htm
The number of cryptocurrencies available over the internet on 7 January 2018 is over 1384 and growing.
A new cryptocurrency can be created at any time.
By market capitalization, Bitcoin is on 7 January 2018 the largest blockchain network, followed by Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano and Litecoin.

Juan Carlos - 17-1-2018 at 11:36

The performance of the altcoins 2017, before the big crash. Today is it better to buy some cheap stocks.

CryptoPerformance2017.bmp - 694kB

Ladis - 20-1-2018 at 05:15

It is not reasonable to expect that the price of a cheap cryptocurrency will raise hundreds of thousands of percent from today's $1 to $19.000, as cost in mid-December the Bitcoin. But it can be expected that the market capitalization of the cheap cryptocurrency will rise later to the market capitalization, which had in mid-December the Bitcoin.
So, if the Ripple costs $1.90 today and has market capitalization $73 billion, on the maximum market capitalization of Bitcoin in mid-December $320 billion would grow Ripple only 320%.
And because of 320%, it's not worth that anyone begins with cryptocurrency today. Within two years can drop Ripple to 0.10 USD, then we could buy. Or a few hundred percent will grow also the fallen share of Deutsche Bank and without risk.

No es razonable esperar, que el precio de una criptomoneda barata crecerá cientos de miles de por ciento de $1 de hoy a $19.000, que costó Bitcoin a mediados de diciembre. Pero se puede esperar, que la capitalización de mercado de una criptomoneda barata se elevará más tarde a la capitalización de mercado, que tuvo Bitcoin a mediados de diciembre.
Así que si Ripple hoy cuesta $1,90 y tiene la capitalización del mercado $73 mil millones, a la máxima capitalización de mercado de Bitcoin a mediados de diciembre de $320 mil millones, Ripple sólo aumentaría 320%.
Y debido al 320%, no tiene sentido que alguien hoy comience con criptomonedas. En el plazo de dos años, el Ripple puede caer a $0,10, después se podría comprar. O algunos cientos por ciento también crecerán las acciones caídas de Deutsche Bank y sin riesgo.

Es ist unvernünftig zu erwarten, dass der Preis einer billigen Kryptowährung Hunderttausende von Prozent vom heutigen $1 auf $19.000 steigen wird, was Mitte Dezember Bitcoin kostete. Aber es kann erwartet werden, dass die Marktkapitalisierung einer billigen Kryptowährung später auf die Marktkapitalisierung steigen wird, die Mitte Dezember Bitcoin hatte.
Also, wenn Ripple heute $1,90 kostet und hat die Marktkapitalisierung $73 Milliarden, auf die maximale Marktkapitalisierung von Bitcoin Mitte Dezember $320 Milliarden würde Ripple nur 320% steigen.
Und wegen 320% hat es keinen Sinn, dass jemand mit Kryptowährung heute beginnt. Innerhalb von zwei Jahren kann Ripple auf $0,10 fallen, dann könnte man es kaufen. Oder ein paar hundert Prozent schaffen auch die gefallenen Aktien der Deutschen Bank und ohne Risiko.

Juan Carlos - 27-1-2018 at 03:56

I want to buy Ripple, but I am not able to make the registration until Tier3. The web of Kraken doesn't take the letter from my bank in JPG, to verify my address. The Kraken web said me 30x yet that the image must be between 98 KB and 3 MB big. But my letter in JPG is 1 MB big. And after one month Kraken didn't answer yet my e-mail. And so my registration will never be ready. And Bitstamp is still more complicated for me. So I will never buy any cryptocurrency and stay happy with shares.

Alacant - 6-2-2018 at 04:54

In about 2 years will be bitcoin on 0,01 $ return. The boom and bubble of altcoins were bigger than the tulip bubble in 17th.century. Now began yet the big crash of all cryptocurrencies. The fraudsters announce the target price 100.000 $ for bitcoin, while is it falling from 20.000 $ to 6.500 $ in 48 days. But the hedge funds can earn only on falling prices. The cryptocurrency has no future. Each one little transaction with 1 btc or a payment in a shop needs 300-400 kWh electric power. So big waste of electric power can the governments no longer allow to the speculators.
Lester Connolly

Lester - 12-3-2018 at 05:00

740 altcoins failed
The number of altcoins is increasing. Anyone can create a virtual currency. This is why 740 altcoins got to the DeadCoin portal with information about fraudulent or failed virtual currencies.
Every third new virtual currency is a flop or a fraud.
Some cryptocurrencies are deception from the outset. One of the last scams is Bitconnect, which was a pyramid game. After the discovery of fraud, the price dropped by 98% and lost 2,5 billion USD of the previous market capitalization.
Other scams are cryptocurrencies Swiscoin and Blockshares. First robbed people about 0.5 billion USD. And the other by 0.25 billion. USD.