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Lester - 23-12-2016 at 18:39

I am watching Vale.

Vale.png - 22kB

Lester - 27-1-2017 at 13:35

Johnson and Johnson decided to buy the largest European biotechnology company, the Swiss Actelion for 30 billion dollars. That is, each one share they want to buy from the shareholders for 280 dollars or 273 euro or 280 francs. Though it the shares of Actelion 26.1.2017 jumped +20%. If the purchase of the company will be really allowed, the shares of Actelion will be expensive like a pig, P/E 34, P/B 21, P/S 14. Actelion produces mainly the medicine against high blood pressure.

Lester - 27-1-2017 at 13:54

Tesco has announced to buy for 3.7 billion pounds the Booker Group, the largest operator of cash and carry stores in Britain. Shareholders will be happier for the news that the retail chain wants to pay again 2017 the dividend. The shares of Tesco jumped +10% in the morning of 27.1.2017. Booker Group is the largest operator of the cash and carry stores in Britain. His customers are restaurants, shops, bars, together 700 000 shops and establishments. The supermarket giant Tesco expects from the connection with Booker that he will be the leading player in the business with food in the UK.

Alacant - 10-2-2017 at 04:26

The most expensive electric power stations in the world, with market capitalization
1) Duke Energy - USA, costs 53 billion USD in April 2016 :( http://finance.yahoo.com/quote/DUK/key-statistics?p=DUK
2) NextEra Energy - USA :( http://finance.yahoo.com/quote/NEE/key-statistics?p=NEE
3) National Grid - Great Britain
4) Southern Co. - USA
5) ENEL - Italy
6) Iberdrola Spain
7) Dominion Resources - USA
8) China Yangtze Power - China
9) GDF Suez - France
10) Korea Electric Power - Korea
11) Exelon - USA
12) American Electric - USA,
13) PG&E - USA, costs 28 billion USD in April 2016
It happens because the two American companies on the first places have overvalued stocks. And the German E.ON has so undervalued shares that with his market capitalization of 12 billion USD it didn't reach the position 20.

The world's largest electric power station with revenues 2015 or employees today
1) E.ON - Germany, 2015 revenue 129 billion USD
2) EDF - France
3) GDF Suez - France
4) ENEL - Italy
5) Tokyo Electric Power - Japan
6) Korea Electric Power - Korea
7) RWE Group - Germany
8) SSE - Great Britain
9) Iberdrola - Spain
10) Exelon - USA
11) Kansai Electric - Japan
12) Chubu Electric Power - Japan
13) National Grid - Great Britain, 2015 revenue 24 billion USD
The most expensive energy company of the world, Duke Energy had in 2015 less revenue than 24 billion USD, just 14.6 billion. It made a 5x less annual revenue than the German E.ON (129 billion USD), which is not with the stock-market value at the 20. place in the world.

The overpriced shares of Duke Energy today, from which arises the 1. place in the world in stock market capitalization: P/E 22, P/B 1.3, P/S 2.3.

The overpriced shares of NextEra Energy today, from which arises the 2. place in the world in stock market capitalization: P/E 23, P/B 2.4, P/S 3.5.

The undervaluation of the E.ON shares today, from which arises the worse place than 20. in stock market capitalization: P/E N.A. (negative), P/B 0.86, P/S 0.12.

The shares of Iberdrola have today favorable valuation: P/E 14, P/B 1.1, P/S 1.2.

Today's valuation of shares of the 3. most expensive power plant in the world - National Grid - United Kingdom: P/E 14, P/B 2.8, P/S 2.4.

The largest energy company is not this one with the highest market capitalization. The largest power plant in the world is this one with the highest annual revenue, or with the largest number of employees. E.ON has 56.490 employees. Duke Energy has 29.188 employees. Iberdrola 28.836 employees. National Grid 24.274 employees.

Only one of these power stations I own. One with the favorable valuation. And I wanna hold these stocks forever only for dividends.

Lester - 1-3-2017 at 10:32

Snap Inc. (SNAP) - the picture service Snapchat goes on the stock exchange NYSE - IPO on Thursday 2. March 2017

The shares of Snap are extremely expensive, 27x overpriced with P/S 54 and P/E N.A. (negative). Investment banks want to earn so much money as possible, they take for the help with IPO a few percent from the capital raised from the stock exchange and so the banks (Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley) lie, that the company Snap Inc. has a stock market value of 22 billion USD, when the stock price will be 16 USD. The revenue of Snap 2016 reached 405 million USD and the net profit was a loss of 515 million USD. It results in P/S 54 and P/E N.A. On the stock exchange will be sold only a part of the shares, shares for 3 billion USD, most of the shares hold the earlier owners, but we count the market capitalization of Snap Inc. 22 billion USD, the sold and held shares together.
Only amateurs would buy these overpriced shares. In order to achieve the correct valuation of shares and P/S 2, the revenue should quickly grow from 405 million USD to 11 billion USD a year.
When Warren Buffett bought 1988-1989 shares of Coca Cola, also he took into account the profit and sales growth in future years, but he bought shares of Coca Cola with the P/S 1.8 and P/E 14.5. Many amateurs would say that technology stocks can be attractive with higher P/S and P/E than the attractively valued non-technological. shares. But why to buy so expensive stocks, when we find today also technology stocks with P/S 2.0 and P/E 11.
If people would not be cheated from the banks and from the analysts, the right price of shares Snap would be 0.59 USD. The correct price of the company Snap Inc. would be 814 million USD. And the ratio price/revenue = P/S 2.0.

Alacant - 25-3-2017 at 10:29

The silly stocks of the president Donald Trump
Therefore, only the 14 largest stock positions.
If is it a dividend stock, each one gives him more than 100.000 dollars of dividends per year:
Alphabet, Apple, Caterpillar, Celgene, General Electric, Gilead Sciences, J.P. Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, McKesson, Microsoft, Nike, PepsiCo, Phillips 66, Visa.
Only the Johnson & Johnson stock from the list of Trumps stocks I would buy too, if the stock would be cheaper with P/E, P/B and P/S.

Lester - 11-4-2017 at 04:24

British companies with market capitalization above 15 billion pounds

HSBC Holdings 129,459.71
British American Tobacco 98,728.21
Royal Dutch Shell A 95,120.83
BP 91,562.24
Royal Dutch Shell B 83,018.71
GlaxoSmithKline 80,338.85
AstraZeneca 60,480.60
Diageo 57,626.38
Vodafone Group 54,356.96
Unilever 51,008.53
Reckitt Benckiser Group 50,684.54
Glencore 46,420.16
Lloyds Banking Group 45,527.14
Rio Tinto 45,259.16
Prudential 43,317.21
Shire 42,028.47
National Grid 38,203.61
Imperial Brands 37,301.52
Barclays 36,723.77
BT Group 31,253.86
Royal Bank of Scotland Group 28,078.26
BHP Billiton 27,019.73
Compass Group 24,805.19
Standard Chartered 24,517.02
CRH 23,143.76
WPP Group 21,990.27
Aviva 20,860.71
BAE Systems 20,157.70
Associated British Foods 19,867.06
Anglo American 17,596.79
RELX 16,899.20
Sky 16,549.84
Tesco 15,175.33
Experian 15,124.49
SSE 15,086.54

Alacant - 14-4-2017 at 11:37

I spoke yesterday with a man from London about supermarkets Tesco, Aldi and Lidl

He said that the supermarket Tesco sells several times more kinds of food than Aldi, foods have the same quality in Tesco as in Aldi, prices from Tesco went down, so some of goods in Tesco are so cheap as in Aldi. The situation at Tesco will be better, soon will be paid again a good dividend. The man buys food in London rather in Tesco than in Aldi or Lidl.
So I'll stop to consider, whether Tesco shares hold forever for their dividends, or prefer to sell, when Aldi and Lidl harm Tesco in the UK. And I will keep the stock Tesco forever in the belief that it will be back on its historic high and the dividend will reach again the yield of 4%.

Tesco-PLC-in-pence.png - 15kB The chart of Tesco on the stock market in London

Lester - 19-5-2017 at 09:18

Bovespa-15may-19may.bmp - 426kB
Picture : the Brazil's stock index Bovespa 15.5.2017-19.5.2017

Brazil's stock index Bovespa plummets on Thursday -8.8% and real suffers the largest drop in 14 years. As allegations that president Michel Temer condoned bribes to silence a key witness deflated investor optimism about the prospects for his ambitious pension and labor reform agenda. People say that the president Temer is as corrupt as the Mrs. president before him. In Brazil there are now demonstrations for the president's drop out the function. BVSP closed -8.8% lower, its biggest daily decline since the 2008 financial crisis. Trading had been halted for an hour after a 10 percent drop triggered a circuit-breaker mechanism.
:post: http://money.cnn.com/data/world_markets/bovespa/

Some stocks didn't lose so much. Vale only -2,6% and it was a nice day to buy the stock of Vale.
:post: http://money.cnn.com/quote/quote.html?symb=VALE

Picture : the Brazil's stock Vale 15.5.2017-19.5.2017
Vale-15may-19may.bmp - 426kB

Ladis - 27-6-2017 at 08:12

The IPO on stock exchanges in Germany today
Vapiano SE, wkn: A0WMNK, isin: DE000A0WMNK9, Symbol: VAO
The German chain of restaurants with Italian food Vapiano was 2002 founded in Hamburg. Vapiano has today 180 locales around the world, in 31 countries, including Australia, Arabia, China and the USA. In Germany has Vapiano 67 locales.
The Vapiano stock is decently rated: P/S 2.2, market capitalization 553 million euros, 2016 sales 249 million euros. The shares were oversubscribed, people wanted to buy 4x more shares as offered.

Alacant - 21-7-2017 at 14:47

Advanced Micro Devices - AMD shares wants to buy a stupid man from Pampanga

Don't be crazy! The revenue declines since 10 years, net profit is negative since years, ROE is negative. No dividend is paid.
With the P/B 31 is the stock 10x overpriced. Liabilities : shareholders equity = 87:12 means too high debt.
The company AMD is headed toward bankruptcy. And you'd like to buy the stock.
:dork: http://financials.morningstar.com/ratios/r.html?t=AMD&re...

Lester - 19-8-2017 at 08:17

It seems that all of the priority shares of Vale will be exchanged to their owners for common shares, whether they want to or not. But nothing happens.

Ladis - 16-9-2017 at 02:12

My best "value investing" tip for 2015: the German stock Hochtief from MDAX. From the 2.Jan.2015 to the high in May 2017, it grew 201%.
The tips for 2018 I will publish in November or December 2017.

My second best "value investing" tip for 2015: the German stock Lufthansa from DAX. If bought on 2.Jan.2015, in the low of 2016 was it -29% in red. But on 12.Sep.2018 was it +64% in green. So don't use stop loss orders and wait some years the profit!

12-9-2017-Hochtief.bmp - 703kB Hochtief

12-9-17-Lufthansa.bmp - 703kB Lufthansa

Mary Ann - 6-10-2017 at 14:22

Amazon is investigated yet for 3 years by the EU Commission for the tax fraud on sales in Europe.
The Apple already has been convicted to pay 13 billion euros to the tax office in Ireland for the tax fraud on sales in Europe.
For the billion tax frauds the bosses of Amazon and Apple belong in jail for several years and some billions from their personal accounts they should pay for charitable purposes.
I would not buy the shares of these companies cheating with taxes.

La Comisión de Unión Europea investiga ya por 3 años Amazon del fraude fiscal en las ventas en Europa.
Apple ya ha sido condenado a pagar 13 mil millones euros a la oficina de impuestos en Irlanda por el fraude fiscal en las ventas en Europa.
Para los miles de millones de fraudes tributarios, los jefes de Amazon y Apple pertenecen a la cárcel por varios años y miles de millones de dólares de sus cuentas personales podrían pagar a fines benéficos.
Yo no compraría las acciones de estas compañías engañadas con impuestos como Enron y Worldcom.

Amazon wird seit 3 Jahren von der EU-Kommission wegen dem Steuer-Betrug beim Umsatz in Europa untersucht.
Apple wurde bereits verurteilt, 13 Milliarden Euro an das Finanzamt in Irland für den steuerlichen Betrug in Europa zu zahlen.
Für den Milliarden-Steuer-Betrug gehören die Chefs von Amazon und Apple für mehrere Jahre Gefängnis und einige Milliarden Dollar von ihren persönlichen Konten sollten sie für wohltätige Zwecke zahlen.
Ich würde die Aktien dieser Unternehmen nicht kaufen, sie betrügen mit Steuern wie Enron und Worldcom.

Ladis - 21-10-2017 at 05:59

The General Electric (GE) shares were good only for fast daily speculation on Friday 20.10.2017. Against the closing price of Thursday, the first stock price was 6.3% down on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange and the shares returned in green during the working time of the NYSE. The stock declined in the morning due to a bad profit announcement in the last quarter.
But the General Electric shares are not good for a few days or years. In the past 5 years, the profit fell 5% annually. That in he future 5 years will increase the profit of GE, we cannot believe to analysts.
The General Electric concern is as ill as Siemens. The production in costly countries is shutting down, employees are losing work, produced will be cheaply in south Asia. But if General Electric and Siemens would produce in north Africa, Africans could stay there and not move to Europe.
G-E.png - 13kB General Electric stock on NYSE

Lester - 22-10-2017 at 02:46

Old Fräulein Barbara makes advertising on the biotechnology stock Gilead Sciences. But it is ugly investment. The stock Gilead Sciences is too expensive with P/S 3.7 and P/B 4.7 and the analysts expect that the earnings will go down -8% annually in the next 5 years. And so the stock has potential to go down the next 5 years.

Ladis - 12-11-2017 at 08:26

Celgene Corp. (CELG). In October, the stock lost 36%, but Celgene is still too expensive and no BUY. With P/E 31, P/B 9.5, P/S 6.6 is it 3x overvalued and misses the dividend.

Lester - 27-11-2017 at 05:05

"I don't understand, if its so undervalued why does it keep going down?"
Tom H.

The Century Link (CTL) is heading for bankruptcy. The past 5 years, the net income fell on average -5% annually, the next 5 years is expected that the income will go down on average -27% per annum. So the dividend yield 15% is no satisfaction - maybe it will not be paid, or after dividend you will sell the stock with -30% loss.

Lester - 31-12-2017 at 09:49

:) The costly stocks twenty for the heads empty :)
20 overpriced American stocks of the index S&P 500 for beginners

P/E over 30, market capitalization over 54 billion dollars

Las 20 caras acciones americanas del índice S&P 500 para los principiantes
The costly stocks twenty for the heads empty
P/E sobre 30, capitalización del mercado sobre 54 mil millones dólares

20 überteuerte amerikanische Aktien des Index S&P 500 für Anfänger
The costly stocks twenty for the heads empty
P/E über 30, Marktkapitalisierung über 54 Milliarden Dollar

Amazon, P/E 275, 576 bil. USD :(
Netflix, P/E 152, 84 bil. USD :(
EOG Resources, P/E 128, 63 bil. USD
Charter Communications, P/E 128, 85 bil. USD
ConocoPhillips, P/E 94, 66 bil. USD
Occidental Petroleum, P/E 87, 57 bil. USD
Salesforce.com, P/E 76, 74 bil. USD
Nvidia, P/E 64, 116 bil. USD
American Tower, P/E 49, 62 bil. USD
Schlumberger, P/E 46, 94 bil. USD
Visa, P/E 40, 209 bil. USD
Adobe Systems, P/E 40, 87 bil. USD
Paypal, P/E 39, 90 bil. USD
Qualcomm, P/E 38, 95 bil. USD
Mastercard, P/E 33, 159 bil. USD
Alphabet (Google), P/E 32, 685 bil. USD :(
Charles Schwab, P/E 32, 70 bil. USD
Microsoft, P/E 31, 666 bil. USD
Costco Wholesale, P/E 30, 82 bil. USD
Facebook, P/E 30, 428 bil. USD :(
:( = the FANG stocks = the expensive stocks of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, nobody should buy it.

I'm glad that I don't have any of these favorite overpriced stocks, because they are waiting for the big crash, as happened in the seventies with those favorite overpriced "Nifty Fifty" shares.

Me alegro que no tengo ninguna de estas acciones amadas pero caras, porque esperan la gran caída, como sucedió en los años setenta con los favoritos caros "Nifty Fifty" acciones.

Ich bin froh, dass ich keine von diesen bevorzugten überteuerten Aktien besitze, weil sie auf den großen Absturz warten, wie es in den siebziger Jahren mit den bevorzugten überteuerten "Nifty Fifty" Aktien passierte.

Ladis - 1-3-2018 at 05:43

''''The incredible shrinking Coca-Cola! KO has experienced falling revenues and earnings for several multiple years now. The company had been of the most consistent and profitable companies in the world until recently. The profitability and consistency of this company has caused investors to bid the price up to the point where it is the most overvalued dividend blue-chip. Given the high stock valuation the company will have to outperform to provide even average stock returns in the long run. This is unlikely given the current competitive climate.''''
Ken Faulkenberry

Lester - 3-4-2018 at 14:07

:question: Quality value stock Apple :question:

The Apple share is not interesting for an intelligent investor: there is an overvaluation with P/B 6.0, a heavy fraud with tax, the chief is crazy. A fraud with tax is the same like a fraud with the financial statements. And cheating companies are going bankrupt like Enron and Worldcom. The products from Apple, it is a cheap production from China, where unhappy workers make suicide. The cheap products are sold costly for an 8x higher price than cost the work, material and energy. It is the second fraud - the price of products.
The Apple share is popular, but an intelligent investor doesn't buy any popular share.
Do not buy any share like the old man Buffett! Look at the Carl Icahn, he sold it!

Ladis - 21-4-2018 at 01:53

The most popular stocks
I think, no one should buy the four most popular stocks among Americans. Their owners believe that the world is 6.000 years old and that God created the world in 6 days. And besides, the most popular stocks can be overpriced. They have grown nicely in the past 5 years and will rise poorly in the next 50 years. Three of the four have no dividend.
Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc., Amazon Inc., Facebook Inc. I shouldn't buy.

Die beliebtesten Aktien
Ich denke, niemand sollte die vier beliebtesten Aktien bei den Amerikanern kaufen. Ihre Inhaber glauben doch, dass die Welt 6.000 Jahre alt ist und dass Gott die Welt in 6 Tagen geschaffen hat. Und außerdem die beliebtesten Aktien können überteuert sein. Sie sind schön in vergangenen 5 Jahren gewachsen und werden schlecht in den nächsten 50 Jahren steigen. Drei von den vier haben keine Dividende.
Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc., Amazon Inc., Facebook Inc. würde ich nicht kaufen.

Las acciones más populares
Creo que nadie debería comprar las cuatro acciones más populares entre los Americanos. Sus dueños creen que el mundo es 6.000 años viejo y que Dios creó el mundo en 6 días. Y además, las acciones más populares pueden ser caras. Han crecido muy bien en los últimos 5 años y se elevarán mal en los próximos 50 años. Tres de los cuatro no tienen dividendos.
Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc., Amazon Inc., Facebook Inc. yo no compraría.

Lester - 22-4-2018 at 05:02

The General Electric Crash
The analysts on finance.yahoo expect that 2018 the profit still drops, so the share can still fall until January 2019.
The analysts on onvista.de expect that 2018 the profit already grows, so the share can already rise now.
Some speculators bought the stock in the bearish trend too early and in vain they have published the lie that Warren Buffett will buy the share.
I should never buy the GE share because I am not a speculator and I want to keep each of my shares for dividends forever. And the GE share is not suitable for this.

GE-crash.jpg - 54kB Chart General Electric, NYSE, SMA 38, SMA 200

Der General Electric Crash
Die Analysten auf finance.yahoo erwarten, dass der Gewinn 2018 noch sinkt, deswegen kann die Aktie noch bis Januar 2019 fallen.
Die Analysten auf onvista.de erwarten, dass der Gewinn 2018 schon steigt, deswegen kann die Aktie schon jetzt steigen.
Einige Spekulanten kauften die Aktie im bärischen Trend zu früh und vergeblich haben sie die Lüge publiziert, dass Warren Buffett die Aktie kaufen wird.
Ich würde niemals die GE Aktie kaufen, denn ich bin kein Spekulant und will jede meine Aktie wegen Dividenden für immer behalten. Und dazu ist die GE Aktie nicht geeignet.

El General Electric Crash
Los analistas en finanzas.yahoo esperan que 2018 el beneficio todavía caiga, así que la acción puede todavía caer hasta el enero 2019.
Los analistas en onvista.de esperan que 2018 el beneficio ya suba, así que la acción puede crecer ya ahora.
Algunos especuladores compraron las acciones en la tendencia bajista demasiado pronto y en vano han publicado la mentira que Warren Buffett va a comprar las acciones.
Yo nunca compraría la acción de GE porque no soy un especulador y quiero mantener cada una de mis acciones para los dividendos para siempre. Y la acción de GE no es apta para esto.

Juan Carlos - 26-4-2018 at 05:08

The IPO from 19.1.2018. The ADT Inc. (ADT) on fire and theft protection was founded 1874. It was a long time in the Tyco group. 2016-2017 belonged ADT to the investor Apollo. And 19.1.2018 the Apollo sold the ADT on the stock exchange. Today there is the market capitalization 6 billion $, 18.000 employees, P/E 17, P/B 1.6, P/S 1.5, dividend yield 1.5%. The debt of the company is 3x higher than the stockholder's equity and higher than the market cap. When we count on the market capitalization the debt and subtract the money in the cash desk, we get the "Enterprise Value " 17.46 B $. When we calculate the stock valuation from this "EV", we receive the P/E 44, P/B 4.1, P/S 3.9 and the stock is too expensive.

Der Börsengang von 19.1.2018. Die ADT Inc. (ADT) auf Brand- und Diebstahlschutz wurde 1874 gegründet. Es war lange Zeit in der Tyco-Gruppe. 2016-2017 gehörte ADT dem Investor Apollo. Und 19.1.2018 Apollo verkaufte die ADT an der Börse. Heute gibt es dort die Marktkapitalisierung 6 Milliarden USD, 18.000 Mitarbeiter, KGV 17, KBV 1.6, KUV 1.5, Dividendenrendite 1.5%. Die Schuld des Unternehmens ist 3x höher als das Eigenkapital und höher als die Marktkapitalisierung. Wenn wir zu der Marktkapitalisierung die Schulden addieren und das Geld in der Kasse abziehen, erhalten wir die "Enterprise Value" 17,46 Md. USD. Wenn wir die Bewertung aus dieser "EV" berechnen, entstehen die KGV 44, KBV 4.1, KUV 3.9 und die Aktie ist zu teuer.

La IPO de 19.1.2018. ADT Inc. (ADT) para protección contra incendios y robos fue fundado en 1874. Ha pasado mucho tiempo en el grupo Tyco. En 2016-2017, el ADT pertenecía al inversor Apollo. Y 19.1.2018 el Apollo vendió el ADT en la bolsa de valores. Hoy en día hay capitalización de mercado 6 mil millones USD, 18.000 empleados, P/E 17, P/B 1.6, P/S 1.5, rendimiento de dividendos 1.5%. La deuda de la compañía es 3x más alta que su equidad y más alta que su capitalización de mercado. Cuando sumamos la deuda a la capitalización del mercado y deducimos el dinero de la caja, conseguimos la "Enterprise Value" 17,46 mil millones USD. Cuando calculamos la clasificación de este "EV", recibimos los P/E 44, P/B 4.1, P/S 3.9 y la acción es demasiado cara.

Ladis - 29-5-2018 at 11:10

Es gibt Millionen von Anlegern, die die Aktien Apple niemals kaufen und auch keine Produkte von Apple. Einige von diesen Anlegern  oder Fondsmanagern  sind bei Aktien genug intelligent. Die Apple Aktie ist populär und auch gehasst. Carl Icahn hat verkauft. Man beschränkt sich bei der Bewertung nicht auf KGV. Wir haben auch KUV, KBV, KCV. Vor einigen Jahren hatte Apple 100 Milliarden Dollar im Steuerparadies versteckt und damit es Geld für Dividenden hat, hat Apple Anleihen verkauft. Das ist sehr wichtig. Diese krumme Steuervermeidung (wie bei Nike). Wir sollten keine Aktien wie Buffett kaufen, sondern das Gegenteil machen. Wenn Buffett die Aktien Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi und Munich Re verkauft, wir müssen ihm helfen und diese 4 wunderbaren Aktien von ihm kaufen. Und wenn Buffett Apple haben will, sollen ihm es die Anleger verkaufen. Mit Steuer zu betrügen, das ist wie mit Bilanzen zu betrügen. Ich mache da keinen Unterschied zwischen Apple, Nike, Enron, Worldcom.

Hay millones de inversores que nunca comprarán la acción Apple y tampoco los productos de Apple. Algunos de estos inversores o gestores de fondos son suficientemente inteligentes con respecto a las acciones. La acción de Apple es popular y también odiada. Carl Icahn ha vendido. No se limita a P/E en la evaluación. También tenemos P/S, P/B, P/C. Hace algunos años, Apple había escondido 100 mil millones dólares en un paraíso fiscal, y para el dinero por dividendos, Apple ha vendido bonos. Esto es muy importante. Esta evasión de impuestos torcida (como Nike). No debemos comprar acciones como Buffett, sino hacer lo contrario. Cuando Buffett vende las acciones de Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi y Munich Re, necesitamos ayudarle y comprar estas 4 acciones maravillosas de él. Y si Buffett quiere tener Apple, los inversores deberían venderle las acciones. Con trucos de impuestos, es como estafar con las balances. No hago diferencia entre Apple, Nike, Enron, Worldcom.

There are millions of investors, who will never buy the Apple share and neither buy Apple's products. Some of these investors or fund managers are smart enough about shares. Apple's share is popular and also hated. Carl Icahn has sold. Don't limit you to P/E in the valuation. We also have P/S, P/B, P/C. A few years ago, Apple had hidden 100 billion dollars in a tax haven, and for the dividend money, Apple has sold bonds. This is very important. This twisted tax avoidance (like Nike). We should not buy stocks like Buffett, but do the opposite. When Buffett sells the stocks of Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi and Munich Re, we should help him and buy these 4 wonderful shares from him. And if Buffett wants to have Apple, investors should sell him the shares. With tax tricks, it's like with the balance fraud. I don't make a difference between Apple, Nike, Enron, Worldcom.

Ladis - 30-5-2018 at 02:54

"Was haltet ihr davon, Microsoft Aktien jetzt zu kaufen?" Zwitsch

Mit KGV 80, KUV 7.6, KBV 9.6 ist die Aktie Microsoft 3x bis 4x überbewertet.
Ich kaufe sie zum ersten Mal nach dem großen Crash, falls diese Verhältnisse 3x bis 4x niedriger werden. Man muss keine techno. Aktie mit KGV 80, nicht mal KGV 20 kaufen. Es gibt auch techno. Aktien mit KGV 10, mir genügt KGV 15 und Dividendenrendite mehr als 3%. KUV unter 3, KBV unter 3.

"What do you think of buying Microsoft shares now? " Zwitsch

With P/E 80, P/S 7.6, P/B 9.6 is the share Microsoft 3x to 4x overpriced.
I will buy it for the first time after the big crash, if these ratios are 3x to 4x lower. You don't need to buy any tec. share with P/E 80, not even P/E 20. There are also tec. stocks with P/E 10, for me is sufficient P/E 15 and dividend yield more than 3%. P/S under 3, P/B under 3.

"¿Qué pensáis de la compra de acciones Microsoft ahora? " Zwitsch

Con P/E 80, P/S 7.6, P/B 9.6 es la acción Microsoft 3x a 4x sobrevalorada.
Lo compraré por primera vez después de la gran caída, si estos ratios estarán 3x a 4x más bajos. No necesitas comprar tec. acción con P/E 80, ni P/E 20. También hay tec. acciones con P/E 10, me basta P/E 15 y el rendimiento del dividendo más del 3%. P/S debajo de 3, P/B debajo de 3.

Olerie - 30-5-2018 at 13:12

"I don't see in Apple a safe investment, the company only depends on one product – the iPhone (about 85% of the profit). For years, Apple tries to bring another innovative product to the market, largely unsuccessfully, often fails miserably. The future looks so, Apple will extract the maximum from the iPhone and then... then what? For me is this huge risk called the iPhone a No-Go. Immediately, when it turned out that the iPad was unable to bring such a strong profits as the iPhone, I sold my Apple shares for about 140 dollars in the mid 2015. And until this day I did not regret it." Michael C. Kissig

"Ich sehe Apple nicht (mehr) als sichere Investition an, die Firma hängt alleine von einem Produkt ab, dem iPhone (ca. 85% der Gewinne). Seit Jahren versucht man weitgehend erfolglos ein innovatives weiteres Produkt auf den Markt zu bringen, aber man scheitert meistens kläglich. Die Zukunft sieht so aus, dass Apple das Maximum aus dem iPhone herausholen wird und dann… ja, was dann? Für mich ist dieses enorme Klumpenrisiko namens iPhone ein No-Go. Schon als klar wurde, dass das iPad nicht das Zeug dazu hat, ein starker Umsatz- und Gewinnbringer neben dem iPhone zu werden, habe ich Mitte 2015 meine Apple Aktien bei rund 120 Euro verkauft. Und es bis heute nicht bereut."
Michael C. Kissig

"No veo en Apple una inversión segura, la empresa sólo depende de un producto - el iPhone (alrededor de 85% de los beneficios). Durante años, trataba de traer otro producto innovador al mercado, en gran parte sin éxito, a menudo fracasa miserablemente. El futuro se ve así, Apple extraerá el máximo del iPhone y luego... ¿entonces qué? Por mí es este gran riesgo llamado el iPhone un no-go. Inmediatamente, cuando resultó que el iPad no pudo traer beneficios tan fuertes como el iPhone, vendí mi acciones de Apple a aproximadamente 120 euros a mediados de 2015. Y hasta el día de hoy no se arrepintió." Michael C. Kissig

Ladis - 21-8-2018 at 08:24

A 22 years young man has 20.000 dollars. He bought books and read a year. He puts his money on the stocks: Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, Starbucks, Henkel, Tesla, Fresenius, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Nike.
This young man seems to have read the wrong books. His stocks are highly overvalued and mostly without dividends. He won't be happy in the next big crash. The right books would be: Buffettology, The Intelligent Investor. And then he should devote himself to value investing, always pay attention to low P/S, P/B ratios and always demand 3% to 6% dividend yield. Do not buy a share without a dividend. Only then will he be happy with his stocks in the next big crash. Hopefully he knows when he will sell his expensive stocks without dividends in the crash and won't let them fall to 1/10, as the older investors 2000-2003 have experienced.